Exercise used to be boring. Until now...

SymGym Studio is a video arcade style fitness club centered around SymGym, a revolutionary, resistance based video game controller, gaming platform, and exercise device that transforms ordinary game playing and exercise into a fun, immersive and interactive experience. 


Resistance based movement and game play collide.


Immerse yourself in challenging and resistance based game play with SymGym. SymGym's resistance changes based on game level, game actions, or both.  Uphill is harder than downhill. Heavy objects are harder to move than light objects.



What is SymGym?

Short answer: SymGym is a resistance based game controller and gaming platform.

Why SymGym?

Simply stated, because exercise is boring. We got tired of staring at the wall while on a treadmill or exercise bike. Other devices try to incorporate entertainment to make exercising less boring, but we wanted to do something fun; which just so happens to be a work out.

How do the arm bars and foot pedal move?

You control the game and the game controls the resistance! 

The foot pedals and the arm bars move independently and can each have a different level of resistance. This allows for example, bicycling motions (alternate push on the pedals), and jumping motions (both feet at once). The arm bars support resistance in both pushing and pulling directions.

The arm bars mimic real world activity such as motions similar to cross country skiing, punching, shoving or pulling. The foot pedals mimic for real world activity such as walking, running, pedaling, as well as jumping or stomping. The left and right arm bars, and the left and right foot pedals are completely independent.  The resistance in one arm can be more or less than the resistance in the other arm, as can the foot pedals. This allows SymGym to be able to ‘balance’ the effort for the player’s physical ability.

SymGym monitors players’ exercise to track calories burned, level of difficulty, power output, duration, resistance and more, allowing players to view and track detailed workout statistics and progress over time.

When will it be available?

We are aiming to open the first SymGym Studio in late 2016.

How much will it cost?

The final costs are still being figured out, but we’re aiming for $15 per SymGym Studio session.

What games does it work with?

 In our trials, some games work better than others. We intend on working with game developers to develop games that take advantage of SymGym’s special capabilities.   

How is it different from a Wii or Kinect?

Wii and Kinect do not provide any resistance, other than a user’s bodyweight, and provide minimal feedback. Unlike these systems, SymGym introduces resistance style exercise combined with digital technology to give a whole body exergaming experience.

How will on-line play work?

Members will be able to access a “big board” to challenge other players in on-line competitions. Scores and stats will be tracked for challenges. Members will also be able to schedule regular play times and get reminders. Our goal for online play is to offer games designed specifically to take advantage of SymGym, including increased effort at higher levels, progress tracking, and on-line challenges.

How can I develop games for SymGym?

Sign up for our developer mailing list and we’ll let you know when the APIs are available.

Should I talk to my doctor before using SymGym?

You should talk to you doctor before embarking on any exercise plan; SymGym is no exception.